At Polytot

Your Child Will Learn to:

  • Speak Spanish
  • Feel Self-empowered to reach their Fullest Potential
  • Lead with Strength and
    follow with Respect
  • Accept Differences and
    Embrace Diversity
  • Preserve our Environment
    Appreciate All Cultures
  • Think Independently
  • Love to Learn
Nutrition at Polytot

At Polytot, we provide a welcoming Child Care Home Environment for creativity and mental development where children move at a pace fueled by their own creative inspiration. Montissori education sets a foundation for growing respectful independence and inspirational curiosity; immersion nourishes cognitive reasoning and development.

We pride ourselves in our approach to multilingualism through lessons, hands-on activities, and laughter. We believe that giving a child the gift of understanding another language opens up the doors to endless possibilities. It is rewarding in itself to see the effects of language alone on the malleable minds of our students both inside and outside of the classroom.

How is Montessori Schooling Different?

The foundation of the Montessori approach to education is that in order to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually, a child must be in a free environment with minimal creative restrictions. This freedom is achieved through self-discipline, structure, and guidance. We follow Dr.Montessori’s teaching that the only real learning is through self-motivation. We aspire to guide your child to love learning and to seek knowledge through supported curiosity.

A noteworthy aspect of the Montessori approach is the multi-age classroom. The younger children, whose prime mode of learning is through imitation, accelerate at a faster pace due to the older children around them. While in turn, the older children benefit through the growth of compassion and caring for the younger ones.

Importance of Multilanguage Exposure in Childhood

Being multilingual not only enables your child to understand linguistic fundamentals while enhancing your child’s competency in his or her native language, it fosters mental capability in learning and creativity. Bilingual children generally have a much easier time with challenging concepts such as learning how to read, dealing with distractions, and even forming sharper memories. In addition to the numerous cognitive benefits of multilingual capacity, your child will demonstrate precocious usage of vocabulary in everyday communications; with exposure to languages as children, linguistics comes more naturally.


In what ways do you hope a child from Polytot will stand out among others of the same age?
- they will be at least bi-lingual, probably tri-lingual French, Spanish and English
- they will have learned about other cultures, ways of life, countries

Why Montessori?

  • Montessori curriculum designed to support in the development of the whole person, build a sense of community, and ignite a lifelong love of learning.
  • Hands-on learning using multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials which provide a concrete learning experience, then moving to abstract memorization.
  • Individual instruction by caring and devoted educators trained to develop instruction specifically suited to each student’s needs and learning pace.
  • Self-confidence through a personal-best approach in a non-competitive atmosphere and by providing uninterrupted time to complete an activity successfully.
  • Responsibility through the pursuit of self-direction, self-discipline, individual mastery, consistent work habits, and respectful behavior.
  • Independence through developing academic, social, and practical skills to last a lifetime.
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