At Polytot

Your Child Will Learn to:

  • Speak Spanish
  • Feel Self-empowered to reach their Fullest Potential
  • Lead with Strength and
    follow with Respect
  • Accept Differences and
    Embrace Diversity
  • Preserve our Environment
    Appreciate All Cultures
  • Think Independently
  • Love to Learn
Polytot Approach

Our Approach to Education and Child Care

Learn by Doing

imageIt is our conviction that kids learn from doing, playing, imitating, being creative, being active, socializing with their peers and more playing in a preschool environment. This way of learning is completely in line with the natural flow of their curiosity and it will follow their own level of development and their own interests.

Discovery through Play

In line with the teachings of Dr Montessori and Dr Steiner, Polytot Montessori will provide children with constant opportunity to discover, play, imitate and be creative. Gardening, cooking, languages, music, singing, arts and crafts … their days will be filled with exploration and fun activities lead by their curiosity. Language will flow easily for your child, with 100% in a new language to expand their language girth.

Watch this great video on the linguistic genius of babies.

No Electronics

There will be no electronics (computers, ipads, iphone or tv) for learning at school — and preferably also not at home. More and more, the CEO’s of major tech companies are looking for skills such as creativity, imagination, teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills in their employees rather than technical knowledge on one particular subject or programming language. This is achieved by allowing children to be children and act like children, think like children and discover at their own pace focusing on their imagination rather than on their intellect.

For the children, technology can be tool to help them later on in life but it is not the first need for toddler learning. By not focusing on electronic tools right away we teach kids to focus on the bigger longer-term picture and prepare them for an uncertain future by making them adaptable, versatile and flexible (of body and mind!!).

We may use technology to establish a regular contact between the children and the parents via skype to give parents an opportunity to see and speak with their kids during their workday.

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