At Polytot

Your Child Will Learn to:

  • Speak Spanish
  • Feel Self-empowered to reach their Fullest Potential
  • Lead with Strength and
    follow with Respect
  • Accept Differences and
    Embrace Diversity
  • Preserve our Environment
    Appreciate All Cultures
  • Think Independently
  • Love to Learn
Our Philosophy

Factors of Success of a Montessori and Steiner based environment:

Independence is one of the cornerstones in a Montessori classroom. Independence is encouraged at every turn, whether it is putting on one’s own coat, choosing one’s own work, or cleaning up after oneself at the snack table. Each small step towards independence builds confidence, self-esteem, and a positive self-concept.

Flexibility and Versatility

It is their flexibility and versatility that will set your kids apart from the rest. Speaking multiple languages will play a big part in your child’s unique identity. At 18m – 7 years is the period of language development, where learning multiple languages is feasible. In Europe, Belgium children speak on average two languages. Dutch children speak three.

Here is a great video of our daughter speaking 3 languages at age 6.

And this is video of our sons Sebastian and Jasper at ages 8 and 6 preparing cookies – in French


At Polytot Academy, we provide a welcoming environment for creativity and mental development where children move at a pace fueled by their own creative inspiration. Montessori education sets a foundation for growing respectful independence and inspirational curiosity; immersion nourishes cognitive reasoning and development.


By allowing children to interact in this way, they will motivate themselves to learn and discover more and acquire a real thirst for learning and discovering the world around them.

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