At Polytot

Your Child Will Learn to:

  • Speak Spanish
  • Feel Self-empowered to reach their Fullest Potential
  • Lead with Strength and
    follow with Respect
  • Accept Differences and
    Embrace Diversity
  • Preserve our Environment
    Appreciate All Cultures
  • Think Independently
  • Love to Learn
The Polytot Difference

imageAt Polytot, we provide a welcoming environment for creativity and mental development where children move at a pace fueled by their own creative inspiration. Montessori education sets a foundation for growing respectful independence and inspirational curiosity; immersion nourishes cognitive reasoning and development.

We pride ourselves in our approach to multilingualism through lessons, hands-on activities, and laughter. We believe that giving a child the gift of understanding other languages such as French and Spanish opens up the doors to endless possibilities. It is rewarding in itself to see the effects of language alone on the “all-absorbent” minds of our students both inside and outside of the classroom. Maria Montessori speaks of the best time for language development starts at 18 months, at which time children can absorb up to five languages. Studies prove bi-lingual children have better cognitive skills that help in learning throughout life. As technology brings our world closer together, language offers many gifts for the future of our children.

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